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I offer personal insights and experience into copywriting to help beginners create, use and profit from their sales copy.


Cindy Sullivan

Hey!  My name is Andrea.  I’m a single mom with two young children, living in Los Angeles. I’ve been in various fields of copywriting for over a decade. And I have to say — I love it. I’ve gone from writing copy for restaurants in New York City, to writing online copy for a number of ecommerce sites selling nationally, to doing SEO copywriting for professional and product-selling sites.

I’ve worked with many affiliate marketers on website copy and email copy. I’ve done ad copy for national or local magazine ad campaigns. Over the years I’ve developed more and more skills and more resources. Every copywriting project is challenge in psychology and artful communication that is persuasive. I like these challenges.

I also spend time cooking artisan meals for the sheer creative joy of it. I volunteer for helping seniors with writing classes. I read every night before sleep—novels and biographies, and find reading a wide variety of material is key to great copywriting.

Please contact me with any questions you have.  I'd love to help!