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3 Elements of Effective Sales Copy

Effective sales copy elicits response from the reader and gets him to make a decision based on what he has read.

The sales copy is divided up into three sections: 

  • Headline
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The headline is the attention-grabbing portion of the text. This is where you will catch the reader’s eye and make him want to read more of the material. You only have a short window of opportunity here to connect with your reader so it’s important to make it compelling.

Your headline should be: 

  • clever ​
  • creative ​
  • short (if possible)​
  • catchy ​
  • spirited ​
  • lasting

The body is the crux of the copy written material. This is where you will provide your succinct, detailed information and elaborate on the headline of your sales page. The body of the text will discuss and answer questions that the reader may have and enlighten him on more about the product or service.

The body of the sales page will need to be as detailed and well-researched as possible without being too lengthy as to lose the reader. Keep the copy on focus by discussing and detailing the topic in depth.

Copywriting very basically and simply entices your audience to buy your product or service.

In order for you to provide well-written copy to entice them to buy, there are distinctive elements to a sales copy page that engage the reader, encouraging him to read more about your offer is.

The principles are based on the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) concept and can be adapted to any copywriting experience.

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1. Attention and Interest

The interest would include the title, the headline and the attention-grabbing portion of the sales copy. The headline should be written in a way that almost yells at your reader. Make it stand out and command attention. Make it noticeable.

Examples of headlines include:

  • Good: How to Start a Lucrative Internet Business
  • Better: 5 Days to a Profitable Online Business
  • Best: Automated Success in 10 Easy Steps!

The first headline would get most reader’s attention, but if you use the third headline, you are far more likely to get them and keep them reading through your copy to the end.

Your copy’s goal here is to catch your reader’s attention and create interest. Your topic or point of interest must be compelling enough to bring him in, keep him there and create a desire for more.

2. Desire

Getting Your Readers Attention

The reader is interested, and now wants what you’re offering. The next piece of your focused copy page is to spark and stoke the embers that the interested reader has.

Here, you have the reader’s attention. You should write copy that will make them want more. For example: Do you want to shed those last ten pounds? Of course you do! This revolutionary new product has been on the market for a short period of time, but has caused sensational results with users. With this product, you can get ready for the beach scene in less than 30 days and look great!

After reading this (or similar text), the reader should want more of your offerings and will continue until he reaches the goal of the sales page.

That goal is the entire precept that the marketing page is structured behind. The sales page ends with a call to action, an order form for your clients.

3. Action

The call to action should be the most concentrated effort of your sales copy. Write towards the reader as if they’ve already decided that they do want the product or service. Write as if you’re thinking in past terms:

Don’t ask:
Are you convinced yet that you need this XXX product? Is there anything more that we can say to you to convince you? If so, contact us at xxx-xxxx today!

Instead, say:
This product has the ability to enhance your life giving you more time and freedom to do the things you enjoy. Click here to order now and we’ll include an additional 30-day supply of this product just for placing your order on xx/xx/xxxx!

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