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13 Simple Methods of Marketing Your Copywriting Business

There are many creative ways and ideas that you can use to market your copywriting business, both online and offline to your customers.

These ideas are simply guides and tools that you can loosely use in order to jumpstart your career path or add to the services that you already offer.

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1. Write

The first and foremost marketing idea that you can use in pursuit of more business is to do what you do best as a writer, and that is to write.

Write about your niche market and distribute it as a free report or as an add-on to the other services that you offer. Focus on and highlight the strengths of copywriting and how they can enhance your customer’s bottom line. Keep the focus on the benefits that the customer will receive.

2. Join Social Circles

Join Social Circles

The Internet has become the ideal place for businesses and individuals to connect. They find more business and referrals abound for those who are specialists in their area(s) of expertise. How do people find out about them? Through social media sites and forums. There are many social sites where you can establish an online presence and find new business.

Most of the popular ones include:

  • Facebook ​
  • Twitter ​
  • LinkedIn

These are not all encompassing but do share the bulk of the online audiences that refer to them for professional services.

Create a profile on these and any other networks that you can find and market them just as you would any other tool.

3. Hold Seminars

Using your local community, you can hold seminars and workshops on copywriting and resources for the lifestyle. This will give you a chance to share your information with the general public AND get your name in front of the community.

Seminars and workshop-type environments bring out people who are curious and interested in getting more information about a particular topic. If there are any decision-makers in your audience, you have just created an opportunity for your services.

4. Use Media Sources

This means free advertising that’s given by television, radio and the news stations, if appropriate. Ask and seek out resources from the media’s perspective that will bring your copywriting business more exposure for your services.

Media sources can also include blogs, news websites, chat rooms, custom forums that are online. Offline sources may include clubs, networks or chapters that are focused on your genre of writing and copy style. Determine which one is best for you and which works better for your industry.

5. Use Press Releases

Press releases are ideal for marketing your services and giving information on new and improved features of your business services.

Release press releases often enough to be interesting but not too often as to saturate the market and bore your audience.

6. Custom Letters

Custom Letters

Custom letters are usually written directly to a person or an organization with an express purpose in mind.

These custom letters will address the fact that you are a writer and you’re introducing yourself as such.

Write letter directly to magazine editors, introduce yourself and let them know that you wish to establish a business relationship. You will likely gain a lot of business from them because of your creative approach.

Even if they don’t gain any new business, the lasting impression that you create will be well worth it.

7. Referrals/Testimonials

The best thing that anyone could ever do when they’re happy is to tell someone else. As a copywriter, you hope that it happens everyday.

Happy customers tell other happy (potential) customers and hopefully the cycle continues. If as a copywriter you deliver quality services, your work will begin to speak for itself and the work will start flowing in.

8. Self-publishing

As a self-publisher for your own materials, you can self publish your own books and make them available to your potential market. Let your work speak for itself.

9. Blitzes

Do marketing blitzes with friends and peers in the same niche category. These blitzes help each of you find your core areas of strengths and pluses to approach clients.

10. Use Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Promote your services using direct mail services. Send this information to business within your target area and industry.

11. Classifieds

Classified advertising is the best venue to advertise your services as a copywriter. It is a free resource and found to be lucrative both online and offline. My favorite is Craigslist.

12. Non-profits

Writing for the non-profit sector can be a good source of marketing for your copywriting business and also good for the non-profit’s business.

13. Your Signature

Use the Internet to promote yourself through email signatures on articles, websites and online forums.

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